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Dear Friends of Freedom,

Many of you know me as the Creator/Founder of "We The People Radio Network" and "Ron Paul Revolution Radio." As you've heard, We The People Radio Network has "closed its doors." The truth is that WTPRN was forced to close by hostile takeover by so called "patriots" in Austin that were more interested in their profits than our freedoms.

Tyranny, even on a local level must not be tolerated and the fight for freedom and Truth will continue on American Freedom Radio.

The goal of "American Freedom Radio" is to become the WORLDWIDE media vehicle with both radio and video. The best and brightest radio broadcasters from all over the world are ready to bring you the only true free speech on Internet radio.

American Freedom Radio's Slogan is, No Rules...No Taboo Topics...No Fear Of Doom... and unlike other so called "patriot networks" who only allow their version of the truth, our goal is to take our activism to the next level and break free from the paradigm of fear and doom. Unlike other networks, no topics will be considered taboo and you may not always agree with what you hear, but true free speech allows all points of view to be heard. We will continue to work closely with many national activist groups like Ron Paul's "Campaign for Liberty" to continue what has already been achieved by the "Ron Paul Revolution," even though we may not always agree with everything, it's our best shot at restoring our Constitutional Republic.

The time is now and we sincerely need your help to keep this historic alternative network on the air. Your elected representatives are bought paid for by the very people who are extracting the money from the American taxpayers. The "bailout" of the criminals on Wall Street by our so called elected representatives illustrates the urgent need to re-double our efforts to wake up people, provide solutions, alleviate fear, and most importantly, educate and MOBILIZE THE WORLD to fight the changes that are upon us. If you have it within your means to help, please make a contribution today while your Federal Reserve Notes still have buying power. Any amount will help!

We are in this fight together so also please tell everyone you know about "American Freedom Radio" so we can grow our numbers quickly and raise the funds necessary to keep the network growing. Thank you for your awareness and support of our critical mission.


Yours In Truth And Freedom,
Danny Romero

American Freedom Radio


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